Electric flow water heater, electronically operated with pressure operation.

In addition to over / under sink or kitchen washbasin installation, MK-1 can be placed directly into the shower cubicle or to the outside on the terrace. The electronic control unit allows installation in water supply systems containing home booster sets with frequent aeration and repeated discharging of water supply system.

The heater can be connected to your own custom faucets through plumbing couplings (fittings). Electronic system records declines in power supply and triggers a fl ashing light to alert the user of a decline in heating performance. The control unit with two thermal fuses signifi cantly extends the life of the heating coil.

- Small dimensions to grant the possibility of installation also in small spaces.

- Installed to pressure-free and commonly available water faucets.

- 6 bar pressure mode with switching with a control unit.

- Electronic switching with a control unit.

- Wiring of 230V at 3.5 kW directly to the socket.

- Immediate and continuous water heating up to 43°C.

- One performance level of the heating coil.

- Electrical protection against overheating of the coil.

- Installation kit.


Size (mm)
H - 200
L - 210
P - 85 mm

Power Watts (W)
3500 (16A) / 4500 (20A) / 5500 (25A)

Voltage Volts (V)

Heating Time (Δt 50°)

Max Temperature (C°)

Max Pressure (bar)

Humidity Protection
IP 45


Energy Class

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