Electric flow water heater, electronically operated with pressure operation.

MK-2 heats up more water thanks to its high performance twinheating coils. When connected to a shower or sink faucet, it provides for a full comfort even with an increased flow of hot water. The heater can be installed in a water supply system for multiple faucets.

The recommended distances of the heater from its connections (for heat losses in the water supply system) should not exceed 5 m. Its use in practice has been verified in small residential cores, cottages or business plants, wherever it was required to address the issue of a decentralized water heating by a comfortable flow heater.

! Other specifications are the same as for the MK-1 model series.

- Small dimensions to grant the possibility of installation also in small spaces.

- Installed to pressure-free and commonly available water faucets.

- 6 bar pressure mode with switching from 0.1 MPa.

- Electronic switching with a control unit.

- Viring of 2x230V double power heating.

- Immediate and continuous water heating up to 43°C.

- One performance level of the heating coil.

- Electrical two stage protection against overheating of the coil.

- Installation kit.


Size (mm)
H - 200
L - 210
P - 85 mm

Power Watts (W)
2x3500 (2x16A) / 2x4500 (2x20A) / 2x5500 (2x25A)

Voltage Volts (V)

Heating Time (Δt 50°)

Max Temperature (C°)

Max Pressure (bar)

Humidity Protection
IP 45


Energy Class

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